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QA Software for Deformable Image Registration : ImSimQA Software

ImSimQA Software

Advanced tools for complex QA
  • Practical, extensive, cost effective testing for new techniques
  • Increases confidence in complex clinical software
  • Reduces the physics QA time on scanners and RT imaging devices
  • Provides testing not possible with hard phantoms

ImSimAQ is quality assurance software that utilizes virtual phantoms to allow physicists to test the image data from 3rd party medical im-aging and radiation therapy systems; and the imaging workflow pathway within a radiotherapy department.

Why ImSimQA?

ImSimQA was developed to overcome the limitations of hard phantoms for testing modern medical imaging and radiation therapy software systems. With the growth of new techniques such as deformable image registration, atlas and model-based auto segmentation, multi mo-dality image fusion, 4D planning, IGRT and adaptive RT software, it is clear that innovative tools are required to commis-sion, benchmark and deliver routine quality control for these new clinical imaging soft-ware systems. It closes the loop of testing by creating infinite test image data, and then applying quantifiable analyses with pass/fail metrics to the resulting data imported from clinical systems.

Virtual Phantoms in ImSimQA
  • 15 virtual phantoms
  • Fully editable, transformable
  • DICOM test image export
  • CT/MR/PET/CBCT/MVCT test images
  • Test Deformable & rigid image registra-tion, Auto-contouring & recontouring, IGRT, Adaptive & 4d RT, Multimodality image fusion

Click Here for ImSimQA Software Printable Infosheet (PDF format)

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