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Handheld Survey Meters : Ludlum 3000 Series

Model 3000 Series Digital Survey Meters are available with several options that enable the user to further exploit the features offered. See some listed below. The special software in the Calibration and Datalog options may be shared across the applicable Model 3000 Series of instruments. The Data Logging Option is specific to each instrument.

  • Calibration Kit - Includes calibration software plus cable required for calibration
  • LMI Triad Datalog Kit - Includes datalogging software plus required cable
  • Model 3000 Series Data Logging Option: Firmware plus an instrument handle incorporating a data logging button
  • Model 3019 Data Logging Option—Firmware only (no hardware modification needed)
  • Model 3000 Series Transport and Storage Case - Medium size, foam-padded, rugged and pad-lockable case, fitted with a manual pressure relief valve for air transport, providing water and dust-proof protection for sensitive instruments.


Model 3000

Digital alpha, beta or gamma radiation instrument with easily readable LCD display.

Model 3001

A versatile low weight, ergonomic instrument for alpha, beta, or gamma radiation survey that can support up to four detectors.

Model 3019

Gamma microR background survey meter with internal detector and user-settable sigma alarm.

Model 3002

Digital alpha-beta datalogger with easily readable LCD display, intuitive functions and alarms.

The Data Logging Option provides a handle-mounted LOG button that saves the instrument reading along with a user-selected location ID, date/time, and other key values. Up to 1000 readings can be stored in the instrument with up to 250 different location IDs or with a single location ID if desired.

Both the Calibration Software and Data Logging Software provide two levels of access: Users and Administrator. Users may collect data and read, print and save device parameters. Administrators Rights add the ability to adjust device parameters from one device to another and update device firmware. Either can save device parameters to a file or disk in Comma Separated Value (CSV) files for export to Excel or Google Documents software, but may be also retained as a Microsoft XPS file. Real-time streaming of device parameters allows selected parameters to be viewed by completing a few simple steps in the Calibration Software, and canceled by clicking the Cancel Realtime button.

Administrator rights include the ability to save/export and load/import device parameters from one device to another with efficiency and consistency.


Ludlum 3000 Printable Info Sheet (PDF)